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4 Steps to an Organized Bathroom Vanity Using EasyLiner®

4 Steps to an Organized Bathroom Vanity Using EasyLiner®

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Abby Lawson is the organizing expert behind Abby Organizes and justagirlandherblog.com, where she shares functional and beautiful organization and decorating ideas to help women create a home that they and their families truly love.

Keeping your bathroom vanity organized can be a challenge, but with some time and EasyLiner®, you can create an orderly and efficient storage solution for all of your bathroom essentials.

Using EasyLiner® in small spaces like bathroom vanities helps prevent items from moving around and makes it easier to find what you need when needed. To help keep her bathroom vanity organized, Abby, from Abby Organizes, uses Duck® Brand EasyLiner® Adhesive Surfaces Shelf Liner.

See how Abby organized her bathroom vanity in just a few easy steps.

First, clear everything out of the cabinet to start with a clean slate. Then, wipe down the surface of the cabinet with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or dust.

Next, measure the shelf liner according to your needs and cut it for a perfect fit.

To install the shelf liner, peel back an inch or two of the backing from the shelf liner to reveal the adhesive surface. Then, line up the sticky piece of the liner with the edge of your cabinet and press it into place while using a scraper tool to remove any bubbles. For a step-by-step tutorial on installing EasyLiner for a perfect fit every time, head over to this helpful article here.

For the final step, put your vanity items back in place, corralling them into bins and keeping like items together.

With these steps, you can create an organized space for all your bathroom essentials!

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