Defend Your Home from Weather

Weather can be unpredictable, so you'd rather be safe than sorry. Weatherizing your home is the first line of defense. Make your home resistant to both hot and cold temperatures for maximum energy efficiency and comfort.

Almost two thirds of American Adults (63%) live in a home that needs weatherization

  • Among them 32% do not weatherize
  • 12% say the reason they don't weatherize is because they are not sure what to buy

Top Reasons to Weatherize

Among Americans that live in a home that needs weatherization, 68% weatherize their home:*

  • 54% do it to save money on energy bills
  • 44% do it to make the temperature in their home more comfortable
  • 22% do it to be green (energy efficient)

Where should you start?

Tip: Hold an incense stick near windows, doors and electrical outlets. If smoke blows sideways, you have a leak.

Americans say they feel large/fair amounts of drafts of cold air get into their home through...

  • Doors 25%
  • Windows 25%
  • Attics 11%

Defend Your Home With Top Weatherization Products

  • Roll-On® Window Kits
  • Attic Stairway Covers
  • Socket Sealers®
  • Double Draft Seals
  • Adjust Ceiling Fans
  • Open/Close Curtains
  • Invest In Programmable Thermostat

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