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Protect Household Surfaces With Style

Protect Household Surfaces With Style

Adhesive or non-adhesive shelf liner - how do you choose? Find out which type of EasyLiner® Shelf Liner to use on your next organizing or redecorating project.

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The EasyLiner® brand features a wide range of non-adhesive and adhesive shelf liners that are both stylish and practical for just about every area of the home.

Non-Adhesive Shelf Liner

These liners are easy to cut, install, replace and position, but they stay in place until you’re ready to move them. Plus, non-adhesive liners are all designed with a specific use-case in mind for optimal performance. Duck Brand Non-Adhesive EasyLiner includes the following products:

  • Select GripTM
  • Smooth Top®
  • Solid Grip
  • Clear Classic®

Adhesive Shelf Liner

Adhesive EasyLiner is ideal for covering, decorating and resurfacing projects. These multi-purpose liners can be used in all areas of your home to give dirty, damaged or outdated surfaces a brand new look. The pre-printed paper backing makes it easy to measure and cut the liner to size. While the protective covering is removable and made from high-quality adhesive laminate. Plus, it’s easy to wipe clean and works great with die cutting machines. These adhesive shelf liners are available in 20” widths at retailers nationwide and include:

  • Clear Laminate
  • Adhesive Solids
  • Adhesive Surfaces
  • Adhesive Prints

EasyLiner shelf liners help make a stylish statement, no matter the project. Explore the full assortment of non-adhesive and adhesive shelf liners to learn even more.