From leaf blowers, to camp chairs, to brooms and more, Duck® EasyMounts® Heavy-Duty Garage Kit is the perfect organizational and tool-free solution for hanging heavy household and garage items. This Duck® EasyMounts® kit features (3) easy to install mounting systems. (2) EasyMounts® Heavy-Duty Drywall Hooks are the tool-free solution for hanging heavy household and garage items holding up to 50 lb. These hooks are perfect for hanging a variety of tools and garage equipment during your next home organization project. (1) EasyMounts® Heavy-Duty Drywall Tool Holder is the perfect solution for hanging shovels, brooms and more. The Holder grips handles up to 1.5 inches thick and supports up to 15 lb. of weight. The universal hanging system allows you to easily switch to another EasyMounts® Heavy-Duty solution in seconds, without moving the base. No sweat, no damage, just pure flexibility. Plus, the entire heavy-duty system offers permanent hold guaranteed to withstand the test of time in a variety of climates, thanks to the adhesive and pin installation technology. Tool-free and easy to install, EasyMounts® lets you to ditch the toolbox and get your mind out of the clutter.