Mounting your favorite wall decor has never been easier! The Duck® Brand EasyMounts® Interior Drywall Picture Hanger is ideal for hanging a variety of household items, including picture frames, wall art, mirrors and general home decor. Each picture hanger securely holds up to 15 lb. of weight and installs in drywall within seconds so you can quickly relax and enjoy the display — just stick, pin & slide. And, the universal hanging system allows you to easily switch to another EasyMounts® Interior solution in seconds, without moving the base. No sweat, no damage, just pure flexibility. Plus, the entire system is completely removable and only three pin holes remain, which is much less damage than wall anchors or adhesive hanger mishaps. Tool-free and easy to install, EasyMounts® lets you to ditch the toolbox and get your mind out of the clutter.