How-To: Giant Light Up Christmas Presents

Deck the halls with these giant light up presents made with Duck Tape®!
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How-To: Beaded Star of David

Did you know that you can create colorful beads by using Duck Tape®? Check out how we took a few…
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How To: Christmas Advent Countdown Calendar

Learn how to create a Christmas Advent Countdown Calendar by Sarah Hearts
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Energy Savings & Weatherization

Looking for ways to reduce your energy footprint? Find out how weatherizing your home can help save money and energy…
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How-To Install: Rolled Window Kits

Learn how to quickly and easily install your Duck® Brand Rolled Window Kit in a few, short steps.
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How to install foam weatherstrip seal

How-To Install: Foam Weatherstrip Seals

Ready to apply your Duck® Brand Foam Weatherstrip Seal? Find out how to install this weatherstripping in four steps.
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12 Pains of Holiday Shipping

If you don’t know where to begin with sending gifts across town or around the world, we're counting down the…
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A wrapped gift being placed in a shipping box.

4 Unbreakable Rules of Holiday Shipping

Check out 4 ways to make holiday shipping easy.
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A person taping a box shut with Duck Max Strength Packing Tape.

Seal the Heaviest Boxes with Duck Max Strength® Packing Tape

How do you pack something that's super heavy and make sure the box stays shut? You use Duck Max Strength®…
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How to Ship and Mail a Box

Learn the basics on how to ship a box with confidence.
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Woman installing AC cover on exterior AC unit.

Weatherize Exterior Areas In A Weekend

Weatherize areas that are vulnerable to harsh elements, like outdoor faucets, exposed pipes or air conditioner units. And, you only…
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