How to Keep Junk Drawers Organized

We all have one junk drawer... or maybe a few. But they don't need to be messy! Check out how…
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How to Free Up Garage Floor Space With a Bike Wall

Looking for an easy way to free up floor space in your garage? Lacey, the creator behind @alifemoreorganized, shares how…
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The Secret to an Organized Space Under the Kitchen Sink

If the cabinet under the kitchen sink is organized, the rest of the kitchen runs more smoothly. Find out which…
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How-To Organize a Duck Tape® Party

Learn how to throw a duct tape themed party with fun-filled ideas and crafts from Duck® brand
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Simple Utility Closet Transformation

See how Kaylie, from @tidycademypro, uses the EasyMounts™ Heavy-Duty Drywall Tool Holder for a quick utility closet makeover.
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How To Keep Kitchen Cabinets & Drawers Looking Fresh

Kaylie, from @tidycademypro, shares how she organizes her kitchen cabinets and drawers to keep them looking fresh year after year.
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3 Ways to Use Wall Hooks to Organize Your Playroom

Lacey, the creator behind @alifemoreorganized, shares a few creative ways to organize your playroom using wall hooks.
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5 Ways to Organize Your Bathroom with Solid Grip EasyLiner® Shelf Liner

Organizing expert @organizedmamas shares her tips for keeping several areas of the bathroom organized with shelf liner.
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A Quick & Stylish Shelf Liner Refresh

Organizing expert, Kim from @organizingspacesbykim, shares how she used EasyLiner® Brand Shelf Liner for a quick and stylish refresh in…
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EZ Start packing tape on a box

9 Storage Ideas for Home Organizers

Before packing things away for storage, check out these 9 tips to get rid of the clutter and stay organized.
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A person taping a box shut with Duck Max Strength Packing Tape.

Seal the Heaviest Boxes with Duck Max Strength® Packing Tape

How do you pack something that's super heavy and make sure the box stays shut? You use Duck Max Strength®…
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Energy Savings & Weatherization

Looking for ways to reduce your energy footprint? Find out how weatherizing your home can help save money and energy…
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How to install foam weatherstrip seal

How-To Install: Foam Weatherstrip Seals

Ready to apply your Duck® Brand Foam Weatherstrip Seal? Find out how to install this weatherstripping in four steps.
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Woman installing AC cover on exterior AC unit.

Weatherize Exterior Areas In A Weekend

Weatherize areas that are vulnerable to harsh elements, like outdoor faucets, exposed pipes or air conditioner units. And, you only…
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How to Ship and Mail a Box

Learn the basics on how to ship a box with confidence.
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