How To: Christmas Advent Countdown Calendar

Learn how to create a Christmas Advent Countdown Calendar by Sarah Hearts
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How to: Duck Tape® Star of David Craft

By Elizabeth Jones with Country Peony
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Man cutting shrink film window kit around a window.

Weatherize Your Windows In A Weekend

Weatherize drafty windows this weekend to save on higher heating costs and keep your home comfortable all winter long.
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Completed Duck Glitter® Christmas Garlands hanging on a mantle

How-To: Duck Glitter® Christmas Garland

Make your own Christmas decorations with this glitter garland.
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Completed Duck Tape® Holiday Ribbon Card Holder

How-To: Duck Tape® Holiday Ribbon Card Holder

‘Tis the season for all things Duck Tape® and what a better way to start than with this festive ribbon…
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Jars full of candy decorated with Duck Tape

Holiday Gifts with Mason Jars

With a mason jar, a little Duck Tape, and your imagination you can create amazing seasonal gifts.
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Man installing weatherstripping around a glass door.

Weatherize Your Home In A Weekend

From doors and windows, to exterior and specialty areas, Duck® Brand can help you weatherize your entire home this weekend!
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4 Duck Tape® Hacks for Home DIY Projects

Starting a DIY project around your house? Find out why Duck Tape® is the go-to tool to have on hand…
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How to Load Your Packing Tape Gun

Watch this instructional video on how to load your Duck® MAX brand packaging tape gun.
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Duck Max Strength Packaging Tape in dispenser sitting on top of sealed brown corrugate box

How Strong is Duck® MAX Strength Packing Tape?

Find out how we test Duck® MAX Strength packing tape to ensure optimal performance.
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Plates wrapped in bubble wrap.

4 Ways to Pack Fragile Items

During a move, not all valuables are created equal. Yes, that coffee maker is expensive. But that antique photo of…
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Ideas for Sending the Perfect Care Package

Before you start putting together a care package for your loved ones, make sure you read these four care package…
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A bucket of paint sitting on a ladder.

10 Easy Tips for Every Paint Project

Getting ready to paint? Here are some basic tips to get you the best results.
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