A roll of shelf liner surrounded by bath accessories.

4 Simple Tips for Creating a Clean House

Some people make spring cleaning seem like it’s just doing a little dusting and opening some windows. Of course, those…
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Under sink clutter

5 Ways to Get Your Home in Tip-Top Shape

Spring Clean Like a Pro Using EasyLiner® Brand Shelf Liners by Duck® Brand.
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Shelf Liner

4 Uses for EasyLiner® Brand Shelf Liner in the Kitchen

The first step to a clean and organized kitchen? Choosing the right shelf liner for the project. Find out which…
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Clear Classic non-adhesive shelf liner on wire pantry shelves

Modern Pantry Makeover with Non-Adhesive Shelf Liner

Update your pantry, and wire shelves, with Clear Classic® EasyLiner® Brand Shelf Liner for a modern look.
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Woman packing a box

Common Moving Myths – Busted!

Moves of all sizes can seem overwhelming and leave you feeling tense. Check out our list of common moving myths…
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Video How-To: Duck Tape® Hyacinth Flowers

Bring your love for spring indoors with these colorful Duck Tape® hyacinths!
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Completed Duck Tape® Rounded Earrings

How-To: Duck Tape® Rounded Earrings

Accessorize your springtime wear this year with these fun and playful Duck Washi® striped earrings.
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People loading boxes into a moving truck.

Packing Tips: Make Moving Easier

Whether you’re hiring professional movers or doing the move yourself, knowing what and how to pack will help you save…
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Finished Duck Tape Bow Tie worn by a young man in a suit

How-To: Duck Tape® Bow Tie

Follow these simple steps to create a quick and fashionable bow tie out of Duck Tape®.
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5 Kitchen Organization Techniques with Duck® Chalkboard Tape

Here are 5 quick, creative ways to label and organize your kitchen with Duck® Chalkboard Tape.
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A bucket of paint sitting on a ladder.

10 Easy Tips for Every Paint Project

Getting ready to paint? Here are some basic tips to get you the best results.
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