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  • Move into Your New Home with Duck® Brand

    Moving into a new house is stressful — gathering your belongings, boxing them up and transporting them to your new home can be a lot of work! But thanks to Duck Brand’s line of packing, mailing and moving products, your next move can be a whole lot easier.

  • Packing Up

    Making sure the things that matter most to you make it through your next move is what we do best. Let Duck® move the things that move you. And get them there safely.

  • Shipping

    Even when you’re in a new place, you don't stop putting things you care about into boxes and sending them off. Let Duck® help you get anything you send to where it’s going … safely.

  • Plan Your Move

    Stress. Worry. And a little more stress. Moving’s hard. But with a little help from Duck®, it can be easy. Let us help you make moving to a new home the happy occasion it should be.

  • How to Load Your Packing Tape Gun

    Watch this instructional video on how to load your Duck® MAX brand packaging tape gun.

  • Smooth Top® EasyLiner®

    Available in a variety of colors and designs, this shelf liner is designed for easy clean up and adding style and protection to your surfaces.

  • Tread Tape

    Featuring an all-weather adhesive, this no-skid tape offers an easy fix for improving walking stability on interior and exterior surfaces.

  • Color Duck Tape®

    For both the DIYer and crafter, color duct tape is a simple solution for your creative and repair projects at home, office or classroom.

  • Crystal Clear Invisible Tape

    Crystal Clear Tape is translucent, gloss-finish goes on extremely clear so your gift always takes center stage.

  • Standard Tape Dispenser

    This tape dispenser features an adjustable tension control knob that makes it easy to apply your tape onto the box without any frustration.

  • BladeSafe® Tape Dispenser

    Designed for heavy-packaging tape users, this frustration-free tape dispenser offers protection and comfort while taping up your boxes.

  • EZ Start® Packing Tape

    Featuring a long-lasting adhesive, this tape unrolls smoothly and quietly while keeping your boxes and packages secure in the mail or storage.

  • Removable Mounting Tape

    Perfect for temporary applications, these mounting tapes are great to decorate and organize on a variety of surfaces in your home or office.

  • Select Grip™ EasyLiner®

    Easy to remove and apply, this shelf liner is designed to keep your items in place while adding style and protection to your surfaces.

  • Kraft Corrugate Boxes

    Made with recycled content, these sturdy and cost-effective boxes are perfect for storing or shipping books, catalogs and even larger items.

  • Packing Paper

    Designed to protect your surfaces from scuffs, scratches and dust, this paper is ideal for packing up boxes for moving or storage.

  • Twin/Full Bed Mattress Cover

    These covers fit twin or full sizes to protect your mattress from dust, soil and stains while moving or in storage.

  • Queen/King Bed Mattress Cover

    These covers fit queen or king sizes to protect your mattress from dust, soil and stains while moving or in storage.

  • Poly Bubble Mailers

    These bubble-cushioned mailers feature an added layer of water-resistant and tear-resistant protection when shipping your valuables.

  • One-Handed EZ Start® Packing Tape

    Featuring an easy-to-use dispenser, you can use one hand to tape up your boxes or packages securely and quietly.