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  • Packing Tape Dispensers

    Skip the frustration and tape up your packages easier and quicker. Designed for heavy-packing tape users, this variety of dispensers are designed to ensure that your tape goes on smoothly and effectively.

  • Boxes

    From self-locking to heavy duty boxes, Duck® brand offers the size, strength and special features your shipping and mailing needs.

  • Bubble Cushioning Wrap

    Keep your fragile items protected with Duck® Brand Bubble Cushioning Wrap. Offering small and large-sized bubble cushioning so you have everything you need to ship with confidence.

  • Protective Packing & Box Fill

    Perfect for wrapping around your breakables or filling voids, this wide range of products keep your items secure and protected while on the move.

  • Mailing & Shipping Accessories

    If you’re items are on the move, Duck® brand offers everything you need, from mailing tubes to shipping labels, to make any-size shipment ready to go.

  • Window Insulation Kits

    Designed to fit around different windows in your home, Duck® Brand Window Kits have all you need to block drafts and air leaks that can lead to high heating costs during cold weather months.

  • Window & Door Seals

    No matter the size, Duck® brand offers a simple and easy solution to insulate your doors and windows, providing year-round protection and comfort.

  • Door Bottom Seals

    Doors are one of the most common sources of drafts in your home. Easy-to-install, Duck® Brand Adhesive Seals fit on the bottom of your door to block out drafts and save you money year round.

  • Specialty Insulation

    Offering insulation solutions for attics, pipes, water heaters and HVAC systems, Duck® brand can help prevent energy loss while protecting your home from costly damage.

  • Exterior Weatherization

    Designed to hold up to all types of weather, Duck® brand offers a variety of products that help weatherize the outside of your home from harsh elements all year long.

  • Weatherization Tapes

    From the basement to the attic, Duck® brand offers a variety of multi-purpose, durable tapes for your repair or DIY project no matter what the season.

  • The Original Duck Tape

    As a must-have tool for just about any DIY or repair project, The Original Duck Tape® is trusted for its strength and durability.

  • Specialty Duck Tape®

    Designed to meet specific needs for your seasonal to-do list, Duck®brand offers a variety of specialty duct tapes that help you finish your DIY or repair project.

  • Carpet Tapes

    Whether you need to seam, install, hold or repair your carpet – indoor or out Duck® Brand Carpet Tapes have been engineered to keep specific flooring in place without damaging what’s underneath.

  • Electrical Tapes

    Whether making repairs around the house or job site, Duck® Brand Electrical Tapes provide excellent stretch, adhesion and conformability with all the safety and functional requirements for your DIY project.

  • Drywall & Plumbing Repair

    It’s one of the most versatile and important tools for any DIYer. Choose Duck® Brand Tape to give your drywall, plumbing and repair project long-lasting hold and protection.

  • Auto & Reflective Tape

    From broken tailgates to keeping visible in the dark, Duck® brand is the perfect tape to have on hand when you’re on the move.

  • HVAC Tapes

    Designed for HVAC installations and repairs, Duck® Brand HVAC tapes let you efficiently seal and protect most ductwork, including fiberglass systems.

  • Mounting Tape & Poster Putty

    Whether you need to mount something in your home or office, count on the variety of putty and mounting tape products to help stay organized and on track.