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  • How-To: Beaded Star of David

    Did you know that you can create colorful beads by using Duck Tape®? Check out how we took a few Duck Tape beads and turned them into the Star of David for Hannukah!

  • Duck Max Strength® Nano-Grab® Gel Tape

    Duck Max Strength® Nano-Grab® Die Cut Circles feature the same durable construction and holding power as traditional Duck Max Strength® Nano-Grab™ but come in convenient pre-cut 1 inch circles for easy application – no scissors needed! Easy to use and remove, these die cut circles can be used on a variety of surfaces, including painted drywall, wood, glass, tile, metal, stone and brick. Duck Max Strength® Nano-Grab® Die Cuts offer a quick and easy way to add décor to a space or repair items without leaving behind a sticky residue. Plus, they're reusable! Simply remove the tape from the surface and wash with warm, soapy water to use again and again.
  • Duck® Brand EZ Start® Packing Tape with Refillable Dispenser - Clear, 1.88 in. x 25 yd.

    Skip the annoyance of moving and shipping tapes that split or tear. Duck® Brand EZ Start® Packing Tape designed to be Frustration-Free® so it always unrolls smoothly, easily and quietly. Featuring a long-lasting adhesive, you can keep your boxes and packages secure during shipping, moving and storage. Plus, the tape starts easily off the roll, eliminating the frustration of losing the tape end so you can pack up and leave the stress behind. This crystal clear packing tape unwinds quietly, so it's perfect to use in the office or at home. Includes a classic, refillable dispenser with tabs to prevent the tape from falling back on the roll.
  • Duck® Brand Foam Weatherstrip Seal - Charcoal, .75 in. x .375 in. x 10 ft.

    Cracks and gaps around windows and doors are a leading cause in high-energy costs in your home throughout the year. These self-adhesive Duck® Brand Foam Weatherstrip Seals are a great solution for sealing small gaps around doors and windows, forming a barrier against drafts and humidity, as well as dust, pollen and insects during warmer months. Use together with other Duck® Brand weatherization products to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient all year long.