How-To: Duck Tape® Flower

Give your flower a new look and design.

How-To: Duck Tape® St. Patrick's Day Top Hat

Top off any outfit with style! Follow these instructions and accessorize for your own special occasions or holidays with this unique Duck Tape® headband.

How-To: Duck Tape® Four-Leaf Clover

How-To: Duck Tape® Clover Magnet

Learn how to make a four-leaf clover magnet with Duck Tape® for St. Patrick's Day.

How-To: Duck Tape® Leprechaun Binoculars

Make this fun St. Patrick's Day craft with your kids or students using materials you probably already have at home.

How-To: St. Patrick's Day T-Shirt with Duck Tape®

Create an easy, DIY St. Patrick's Day t-shirt with Duck Tape®!

How-To: Duck Tape® Hanging Heart Décor

How To: Treasure Chest Valentine's Day Box

Create an easy Treasure Chest Valentine's Day Box for kids to use at home or school with this simple Duck Tape® tutorial.

How-To: Duck Tape® Ladybug Card

Make something special that is perfect for every occasion with this Ladybug card featuring Duck Washi® crafting tapes.

How-To: Duck Tape® Stump Card Box

Keep your valentine's keepsakes in a fun and decorative box.

How-To: Duck Tape® Fortune Cookie

Feel fortunate? Now you can send your own messages through a fun and unique way.

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