How-To: Duck Tape® Desk Organizer

How-To: Duck Tape® Back-To-School Organizer

Add more to your supplies with this Duck Tape® back-to-school organizer.

How-To: Duck Tape® Arrow Bookmark

Stay organized, find your place in a book or add flair to your to-do list with this Duck Tape® arrow bookmark.

How-To: Duck Tape® Corner Bookmark

How-To: Duck Tape® School Supply Case

Make a simple sandwich bag into a pencil case perfect for school.

How-To: Duck Tape® Headphone Case

Don't get tangled up, use Duck Tape®!

How-To: Duck Tape® Animal Tablet Cover

How-To: Duck Tape® Fox Backpack

By using your favorite Duck Tape® colors and prints, you can create a backpack that not only fits your back to school essentials, but is fun to wear too!

How-To: Duck Tape® Book Cover

Add a funky twist to your back-to-school supplies with this Duck Tape® book cover.

How-To: Duck Tape® Donut Notebook

Add fun to your everyday back to school supplies with this Duck Tape® donut notebook.

How-To: Duck Tape® Daisy Pen

Turn ordinary office supplies into something colorful and fun with Duck Tape®.

5 Rainy Day Duck Tape® Crafts for Kids

These rainy day ideas for kids will flex their creativity! We show you five ways to unplug and get creative with Duck Tape® crafts.