How-To: Duck Tape® Leaf Decoration

How-To: Duck Tape® Frankenstein Candy Dish

Liven up any Halloween party with a decoration that glows even after the lights are out!

How-To: Duck Tape® Trick or Treat Bag

Be prepared for all the tricks and treats this year with this personalized Duck Tape® Halloween bag.

How-To: Duck Tape® Party Mask

Create the ultimate disguise for parties, holidays or special occasions.

How-To: Duck Tape® Witch's Hat

Top off this year's costume with this unique and easy Duck Tape® witch's hat.

How-To: Duck Tape® Spider Bracelet

Design your own creepy and crawly spider bracelet with your favorite Duck Tape®

How-To: Duck Tape® Flip Flop

Bring the fun of palm trees and sunshine to your wardrobe.

How-To: Duck Tape® Scalloped Bracelet

Make a funky accessory that really sticks to your personal fashion.

How-To: Duck Tape® Tiger Bracelet

Simple and colorful take on a whole new meaning with this Duck Tape® accessory.

How-To: Duck Tape® Necklace

Transform around-the-house items into fashion that shows off your personal style.

How-To: Duck Tape® Feather Earrings

Customize your own accessories with Duck Tape®.

How-To: Duck Tape® Rounded Earrings

Accessorize your springtime wear this year with these fun and playful Duck Washi® striped earrings.