How-To: Duck Tape® Candy Corn Necklace

Add this candy corn necklace to your next Halloween craft night.

How-To: Duck Tape® Skeleton Costume

Need a last minute Halloween costume idea? Make it out of Duck Tape®!

How-To: Glow-in-the-Dark Pumpkin Treat Bucket

Plastic Pumpkin treat buckets just got cooler! Add fun faces or shapes with Glow-in-the-Dark Duck Tape® for your trick-or-treaters this year.

How-To: Duck Tape® Desert Star Purse

Update your style with this patterned purse.

How-To: Paper Bag Valentine's Day Garland

Create decorative, and inexpensive, Valentine's Day garland for the home or classroom with paper lunch bags and some Duck Tape®!

How-To: Duck Tape® Fox Backpack

By using your favorite Duck Tape® colors and prints, you can create a backpack that not only fits your back to school essentials, but is fun to wear too!

How-To: Duck Tape® Owl Tote

This patchwork tote is owl you need for spring and summer! Just follow these instructions and create your own unique accessory for any occasion.

How-To: Duck Tape® Flame Wallet

Show off your individuality with a durable, water resistant wallet.

How-To: Duck Tape® Bacon Envelope

How-To: Duck Tape® Accordion Wallet

With more room to spare, this accordion wallet is great to take wherever you go!

How-To: Duck Tape® Flip Wallet

Take the magic of Duck Tape® wherever you go with this customized flip wallet.

How-To: Duck Tape® Tri-Fold Clutch

Make a wallet that you can take wherever you go!